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Ed Vandenberg Gate & Railings have more than 22 years experience in fabricating gates and railings. We manufacture and supply for residential and commercial, from single gates, driveway gates to folding gates with matching railings.We design, manufacture and install quality Wrought iron gates, railings,fencing and window guards. Our products are custom made to any size, height or width required. We Cater to all budgets from simple to complex designs we can custom make something for you. All our gates and railings are made in our shop by skilled craftsman to ensure quality demanded by our customers. We offer a choice of finishes, powder coat, galvanized to ensure your gates and railings have long lasting appearance and protection with low maintenance. The galvanized material coupled with good preparation and a reliable final finnish will protect your investment and ensure longevity of operation and appearance. We offer a large range of colours to give you that custom look. We also manufacture metal framed gates with wooden or composite boards for the wood look with extra durability. We can fit all kinds of gate automation for swing gates or sliding gates. We treat our customers as unique and everything is tailored to their specific requirements. We offer quality at affordable prices.
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We offer driveway gates that can either be swinging gates, sliding gates or folding gates. Driveway gates being larger and heavier than a smaller garden gate requires more consideration to the gate opening method A typical swinging gate may not be advisable, or even possible in some circumstances, in these cases we can provide Sliding and Folding alternatives. Swing gates and sliding gates can be automated.Whether the gate is to adorn the entrance to a modest new build or a grand estate,a suitable style and design can be achieved. Side gates offer security, fitted with handled mortice locks, sliding bolts that maybe pad locked, combination locks or electric locks. The gate can be fitted with a closer to ensure the gate is never left open.


Railings may be any shape, from flat top, bow top or scallop top, fitted with any finial or scroll that suits your needs. They may be wall top railings or Perimeter railings, up to six feet high. As well as stair railings for indoors or outdoors.

Metal Framed Wood or Composite Wood Gates

We can provide our customers with a traditional wood look by combining wrought iron and wood or wood composite to create a beautiful look custom made to add character to your home.

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